Dom started playing drums in the fifth grade. His first teacher, Dick Demers, started Dom on his way both as a player and teacher in 1970 in Maine.

In 1975, Dom went to New York to study with studio master, Bernard Purdie. Then to Boston in 1976 to study with Jazz great, Alan Dawson. Dom's first book, "Be Bop Phrasing for Drums," was dedicated to Alan.

Before leaving the East Coast, Dom had the opportunity to play with Jazz greats, Don Doane, Clark Terry, Herb Pomeroy, Dave McKenna, and many other players from the New England area.

In 1978, Dom left for Reno, Nevada with guitar player brother Bill, where he soon started working the casino circuit. 1980-1984 he was the house drummer for the MGM Grand and Hello Hollywood Hello Show.

While in Reno, other show gigs included Joan Rivers, Tony Orlando, Shirley Jones, and Debbie Reynolds to name a few. Dom also kept busy with west coast jazz players like Don Menza, Red Holloway, Herb Ellis, Joe Diorio, and Ahmad Jamal.

In 1988 Dom made Phoenix his home and has been busy ever since. Now, in his twenty-eighth year at Arizona State University's Jazz Faculty, he keeps a very busy teaching and gigging schedule.

Also busy recording over 100 Jazz Cd's, which include artists like Carl Fontana, Conte Condoli, Shorty Rogers, Greg Hopkins,Mike Kocour, and Bruce Forman.

After studying with Cuban Master Walfredo Reyes Sr. in the 1980's in Reno, Dom has also become active in the Latin percussion world. His book, "Latin Percussion for Gringo's" as well as his band, "Cinco De Moio" have had much success.

In 2008 Dom hooked up with long time hero Steve Gadd and did two book projects, Deep Grooves II and Just Duet, which also includes Jazz great, Joe Laberbera.



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